Plant and animal tour

Do you love animals and are you interested in tropical plants?
Our experts will tell you lots of interesting and exciting facts about the approx. 20,000 exotic plants and species-rich world of animals at the Biosphere Potsdam. Your individual questions will be answered and you’ll find out lots of interesting details such as: Why is the banana bent? How many legs does the giant centipede actually have? How do tropical insects camouflage themselves?

Research, marvel, discover and relax – this is the guiding theme of your journey into the fascinating world of dense greenery, vibrant colours and extraordinary shapes. Marvel at the intensive and mysterious noises of the jungle and witness the great hourly storm in the midst of this tropical world. Discover the colourful underwater world in the style of a historical submarine and find out about the everyday useful plants in the tropical rainforest ecosystem.

Number of participants: up to maximum 50 participants (max. 15 people per group)
Duration: approx. 1 - 1.5 hours

Price: on request