Which of the biosphere's areas are "green"?

Sustainability and responsibility for our environment are incorporated into all the departments of the Biosphere Potsdam. The protection of the rainforest is an ever-present issue for us. We take the following specific measures:

Utilities management

We do not generally use any standby settings. This saves energy! Our air-conditioning systems are fitted with heat recovery systems and energy efficient light bulbs provide the lighting for our premises. We consider the energy efficiency of our appliances, especially when purchasing new ones. Direct sunlight supports us in regulating the heat of our tropical hall. We use environmentally-friendly maintenance materials and consumables as well as oils and cleaning agents.

Gardening and animal care

Our halls use organic pest management systems in the form of beneficial organisms. We do not use any type of chemicals. We use rainwater from a special rainwater collection system to water the plants. All standards for proper animal holding are complied with and ensured by means of regular checks.

Visitor service and shop

We recommend visitors to travel by public transport. We sell a cost-effective combi-ticket to allow this. We use paper bags in our shop, not plastic. When purchasing products for the shop, products manufactured in a resource-efficient or environmentally-friendly way are given preference. Toys are purchased from suppliers, who comply with the 2009/48/EC Toy Safety Directive to harmonise the legal requirements of member states.


When it comes to events, we offer our guests with the option of travelling to their event using the Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket with attractive terms. The printing process for our event flyers and banquet folder is printed carbon-neutral and presented on environmentally-friendly paper.


You will enjoy fair-trade organic coffee here. In addition, we serve tasty biscuits – homemade. Milk is provided in small pots and sugar comes in little tins as we work by the principle of waste prevention, especially by avoiding disposable packaging. Any arising waste is sorted and recycled. We place a specific focus on providing organic products. We are happy to expand our range of offerings to suit your individual event. Meals and drinks are, wherever possible, sourced from regional suppliers (normally of organic quality or certified organic). When preparing our meals, we do not use any form of convenience food, working exclusively with fresh ingredients. As well as our meal dishes, there is a wide range available for vegetarians and allergy sufferers.


We hold daily educational sessions about protecting the tropical rainforest as part of our interactive permanent exhibition and when working with school classes. This includes explanations about fair trade and references such as the “Blauer Engel” seal (environmentally-friendly products), “Bio” (state seal for organic food), “FSC” (wood from sustainable forestry). Special exhibits, such as “Subtropia - An Exhibition on Climate Change”, address environmental issues such as climate change and explain what each individual person can do to ensure a more environmentally-friendly world. In addition, our exhibition is completely accessible and can be accessed without problems by deaf / hearing-impaired guests, blind / visually-impaired guests and mobility-impaired guests.


The printing process for our products is carbon-neutral and uses environmentally-friendly paper. We can reduce our paper consumption by using smaller flyers and constantly coordinate our production output with our existing stocks. We also use environmentally-friendly give-aways, such as notepads made of recycled paper, palm oil-free gardener’s soap, and much more. Mailings (such as Christmas cards, press reports, etc.) are sent in digital format wherever possible.


Digital advertising measures are important to us during our recruitment of new employees. In the same way, the printing process for our employee business cards is carbon-neutral and uses environmentally-friendly paper. Last but not least, the Biosphere Potsdam is committed to social projects such as “Lernen durch Engagement” and “Zukunftstag für Mädchen und Jungen” in the state of Brandenburg.